Pool Design and Construction

Custom pool design ideas come in endless shapes, but stylistically can be narrowed down to these styles: Rectangular, Oval, L-Shaped, Lazy L, Kidney, Figure 8, Roman, Grecian and Free-Form. The property and the lifestyle you wish to have around your pool will have a major influence on the style of pool. Michael G Pools can help you choose, design and build your dream pool.

Rectangular pools are typically more formal because of the straight edges of the geometric pool shape.. The rectangle was one of the most common shapes in early pool design. Its long, straight and narrow design is ideal for swimming laps.


Pools that are oval-shaped fit in the general category of rectangular pools (which often have rounded edges for a softer look that tends to tone down the formality). This type of pool may be ideal for families who like to play a lot of water sports since multiple types of equipment can be set up around the perimeter.


The L-shaped pool was a natural extension of the typical rectangular pool. This type of pool shape is great for different users because the natural break in the contour aids separation of diving and shallower areas. The longer length is ideal for lap swimming. This type of pool fits easily into a corner or around house projections. The shorter length is often the shallow play area.

Lazy L

The lazy L is a hybrid of the L-shaped pool It has the same uses as the L-shaped pool and swimmers can still take advantage of the long area for laps. The diagonal shorter leg of the L shape provides more asethic appeal where a natural entrance to the pool occurs.


The kidney-shaped pool is similar to a long oval with an indentation on one side. To add to the kidney-shape design, some homeowners place a spa in the indented area or they could use this area for shrubbery or greenery. It is a popular choice because it is conducive to nearly any size of backyard space. Without the crisp lines of a geometric-type pool, the kidney-shape tends to look more natural.

Figure 8

Figure 8 shaped pools are great for families or those who want a pool to work for many activities. The figure 8 provides a nice separation for an obvious shallow area and a separate deeper area. For families, young children can enjoy activities in the shallow end with a clear idea of where the deeper area begins.

The indentations on each side of the figure 8 area also natural spots for shrubbery. Additionally, one end of a figure 8 pool does not necessarily have to be a mirror image in size of the other end.

Roman and Grecian Pools

Roman and Grecian style pools are modified classic rectangles. The shape uses mirrored foram elements foun in ancient art to provide a more sophisticated look. A Roman Pool has stylized corners and rounded ends. A Grecian Pool has cut corners, forming an octagon.

Free Form

A freeform pool can take on virtually any curvillinear shape. It is typically designed around elements in nature or to blend with nature. It also is chosen for incorporating landscaping elements suchas providing inlets into the pool area for palm trees or shrubbery.

A truly free-form design does not adhere to any typical pool design patterns. You may be able to get more pool in the same space because a freeform pool can conform to the space available.

Michael G Pools Is Here to Help

Michael G Pools has built all of these pool types and is ready to assist you in selecting the best design to fit your property and budget.

Designs for your pool are not limited to the pool shape or type alone. You want to ensure you choose the right pool to fit your lifestyle and family needs. Also, consider all aspects for making your dream backyard. A good pool design includes landscaping, lighting and other features to complete the design.

Finally, a deck, storage shed, pergola, arbor, outdoor kitchen, spa or other major or minor pool additions are all possibilities in designing your dream pool. Michael G Pools can help with all your needs.