Pool Landscaping

Creativity, hands-on experience and an eye for detail are just a few of the factors that make our landscape design services stand above the rest. We work closely with you to plan and create artful, distinctive landscapes that maximize the use of your property and bring your vision to life. Regardless of the type and size of your property, we will create an outdoor environment that you will treasure for a lifetime.

Michael G Pools emphasizes the importance of planning for your landscape in the Central Florida region. Having a plan means you will know exactly how the finished landscape will look; we will avoid potential problems and unexpected changes over the long term; and we will adhere to a consistent theme.

We offer two general types of landscape plans: a master plan and an immediate plan. The master plan is designed to develop your property in phases over an extended period of time. The immediate plan is implemented all at one time.

Our planning process includes conducting on-site measurements of your landscape area, performing a site analysis and documenting all existing conditions with photos. We then prepare a detailed plan of your project using CAD software. A follow-up visit is then scheduled at your home to review and revise the plan. We will then provide a cost proposal and discuss any further changes needed to meet your goals.


Regardless of what type of design or plan you desire, Michael G Pools can meet all of your landscape needs -- including prompt, professional installation.