Pool Lighting

Outdoor lighting is more than just a finishing touch to your poolscape. Low-voltage lighting should be part of every landscape. A well-designed lighting plan creates a dramatic enhancement of your home and landscape by highlighting colors and textures that might be lost during the day.

Benefits of outdoor landscape lighting

Ambiance. Light up the evening. Extend the time in your outdoor living spaces.

Curb appeal It adds to the inviting charm of the home (and the value).

Enhancement. Highlight art, architecture of the home, or trees.

Practical. Customize lighting for areas used most, such as the grilling and eating areas.

Safety and Security. Landscape lighting along sidewalks and steps to help prevent trips/falls and provide some home security.

The choices in outdoor lighting fixtures is nearly endless with new ones coming out every year. Pretty much everyone is familiar with path lights but there are also uplights, downlights, underwater and inground lights plus a number of specialty lights.

Plan Ahead

If outdoor lighting is something you want in your poolscape but it’s not in the current budget, then please plan ahead. Make sure sleeving is installed under sidewalks, patios, and driveways and any additional electrical outlets are installed when you build your new landscape. This will make adding outdoor lighting less costly in the future because hardscapes will not need to be disturbed.

Michael G Pools can add great lighting effects to your pool. Talk with us about what your ideas are for lighting and let's make it happen.