Water Treatments

A great pool provides years of fun and pleasure for your family and guests. The addition of a spa or other water feature allows you to create a truly stunning environment for entertainment and relaxation.

Water Features

For that added statement of style and fun, consider a custom water feature, again limited purely by your imagination the styles and designs are endless. Michael G Pools can add spas, water walls, waterfalls, bubblers and more.

A spa can be added to your design, either as a separate structure or joined to the main pool. A custom inground spa can bring health, relaxation, family time and romance to your backyard up to 12 months a year. These can be built in conjunction with a swimming pool, or completely standalone. The design options for spas are as varied and limitless as the options for a custom swimming pool.

Waterfalls bring your backyard sanctuary relaxation and enjoyment. You can customize the look and feel of your swimming pool by adding a luxurious Waterfall.

There are many types of Sheer Waterfalls; sheer curtain waterfalls, sheer arc waterfalls, sheer rain waterfalls, sheer descent waterfalls. All of these water falls add their own personal touch to your custom pool.

Custom tanning ledges allow you to get that nice golden look while keeping you cool. Stop spending money at Tanning Salons and add a custom tanning ledge to your Michael G Pool.

Michael G Pools can add wonderful water treatments to your pool to provide a beautiful, relaxing experience for you, your family and your friends.